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Dubai Visa Online processing office, United Arab Emirates. Minimal documentation is required and there is no need for a local sponsor in the UAE, and there is no need for a security deposit for immigration.


You can get a Dubai Visa from Luxembourg ​using our online application form, and you can Travel with any Airline.

UAE Visa Services

Visa Dubai Services

* Document arrangement and verification.
* Submitting directly to Dubai Immigration.
* Online tracking the visa status.
* Dedicated customer support 24/7.
Requirements for Dubai e-Visa

Documents required for Dubai Visa

* Color copy of Applicant’s Passport.
* Applicant’s color passport size photograph.
Each applicant’s passport must have a minimum validity of 6 months.
Dubai (UAE) Visa Types

Dubai Visa Types

There are various types of visas available depending on the purpose of your visit to the United Arab Emirates. All visas are valid for all the Emirates.

All Dubai Visas types are valid for all Emirates in UAE
(Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, Ras Al Khaimah and Fujairah).

Get Dubai Visa, Simpler, Quicker, and Safer !

For individuals located in Luxembourg gearing up for a journey to Dubai, United Arab Emirates, this page serves as your comprehensive guide to all aspects of Dubai Visa from policies to required documents. Here, you can find detailed information on how to Apply Dubai visa from Luxembourg.

Preparing for your upcoming journey to the UAE? Look no further, as this serves as the perfect launchpad for your plans. Securing a Dubai visa from Luxembourg has never been easier, with the entire process seamlessly conducted online. Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing wonders of this country by selecting from a diverse range of visa types tailored to your preferences. Our efficient Dubai visa service guarantees both simplicity and speed, ensuring a hassle-free experience in planning your travels.

We take pride in our proficient and dedicated visa team, poised to cater to your individual requirements and desired visa type. Having processed millions of Dubai visas successfully, our seasoned team guarantees swift and efficient results for our clients. Opting to apply for a Dubai visa from Luxembourg through our office ensures continuous and dedicated support throughout the entire visa application process. Enjoy the convenience of traveling to any Emirate of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) with the assurance of receiving your approved visa promptly.

Categories of Online Dubai Visas for Luxembourg Residents

Explore various Dubai visa options available for applicants from Luxembourg through our services, primarily categorized into two types:

1) Single Entry Dubai Visa: Within this category, there are three distinctive options for Dubai visas. Choose from durations of 14 days, 30 days, and 60 days, providing flexibility to align with different travel plans and preferences. Whether you’re planning a brief visit or an extended stay, these visa options empower you to select the duration that best suits your travel needs when exploring Dubai.

2) Multiple Entry Dubai Visa: In the Multiple Entry category, applicants from Luxembourg can opt for two distinct Dubai visas. These visas facilitate multiple entries into Dubai and are available for durations of 30 days and 60 days. This adaptable approach caters to diverse travel plans, whether you’re contemplating frequent visits within a shorter timeframe or an extended stay. This flexibility ensures that you can choose the most suitable visa duration based on your travel requirements.

Applying for Dubai Visa from Luxembourg?

* Apply for a Dubai visa online, right from the comfort of your home.
* Let our expert team seamlessly handle your application process without any inconvenience.
* The process involves three simple steps for user clarity:
1) Fill out the application form 2) Attach your documents 3) Our professional visa team will thoroughly review your application and contact you shortly.
* All documents are submitted electronically, and the user-friendly online application form simplifies the process.
* Stay informed with timely notifications at each stage of your visa processing.
* Easily track your visa status and receive your e-visa via email.

Dubai Express Visa for Urgent Travel

Acquiring an Express Dubai Visa ensures rapid visa approval with minimal documentation, eliminating the need for extensive paperwork and long queues at immigration offices. Our dedicated office specializes in providing express visa services tailored to your urgent travel requirements in the UAE.

The Dubai Express visa is crafted for swift processing, accommodating both short-term (14 days) and long-term (30, 60 days) stays. The visa fee varies according to the selected processing time, offering options for (24-48 hours processing) and (12-24 hours processing). This service guarantees efficient and timely visa issuance, enabling travelers to select a processing timeframe aligned with their schedule. It provides flexibility and convenience in obtaining a Dubai Visa promptly.

Securing a Dubai Express Visa - A Step-by-Step Guide

Dubai consistently attracts visitors worldwide, addressing both personal and professional needs. Within this diverse influx of tourists, there are instances when individuals urgently require visas. This urgency may stem from last-minute tourism plans, medical treatment, business commitments, or personal emergencies.

In response to the demand for a swift solution, obtaining a Dubai express visa proves highly advantageous, especially in emergency and critical situations.

Application Process:
1) Prepare a color copy of your Passport and a color passport-size photograph.
2) Complete the application form and select express option.
3) Our professional visa team will review your application, ensuring a quick and efficient process.

Important: It is crucial to note that the passport of every applicant must have a minimum validity of 6 months from the intended date of travel. Please ensure that your passport meets this requirement before proceeding with the visa application process.

(FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions

* Do I need a Dubai visa if I am traveling from Luxembourg?

Whether you need a Dubai visa when traveling from Luxembourg depends on your nationality and passport. Utilize our online tool to verify the visa requirements for your specific passport. It’s important to note that without a Dubai visa, you won’t be able to board the flight to Dubai if it’s required for your nationality.

* Do my children, who are traveling to Dubai from Luxembourg, need a visa?

If they are not eligible for visa on arrival and if your child has their own passport, a Dubai visa is required.

* Is travel insurance a necessity for a visit to Dubai when traveling from Luxembourg?

No, travel insurance is not a required form of documentation, although it is still recommended that you have it while traveling.Unexpected mishaps can occur, and having travel insurance is crucial for addressing challenges that may arise while you are in a foreign destination. It is highly advisable to have your travel insurance in place to provide assistance in unforeseen circumstances.

* Is Dubai secure place?

Yes, Dubai is considered a very safe place. The laws in the UAE (United Arab Emirates) are rigorously enforced, contributing to a secure environment. Additionally, the presence of CCTV cameras in the streets enhances overall security measures in the city.

* What is the processing time for Dubai Visa?

The processing time for a Dubai Visa is typically 3-4 working days. It’s important to note that Saturday and Sunday are not considered working days in the UAE. Once you have submitted your visa application online through the Visa for Dubai Application Form, our team will review your request and contact you shortly afterward.

* Dubai EXPRESS Visa service processing time?

The processing time for the EXPRESS Dubai Visa Service is designed to meet urgent traveler requirements. This expedited service offers processing options with accelerated timelines, including 24-48 hours and 12-24 hours processing time. By providing quick and efficient visa issuance, travelers have the flexibility to choose a processing timeframe that aligns with their schedule, ensuring the prompt acquisition of their Dubai Visa.

* Can I apply for an Express Visa on Weekends and Holidays?

Yes, you have the option to apply for an Express Visa on weekends and public holidays. The processing of express visa applications accommodates submissions during weekends and public holidays. When applying, be sure to select the weekend/holiday tariff to indicate your preference for processing during these periods.

* How I will receive the Dubai Visa?

The Dubai visa is an electronic document that will be issued via email. Upon receiving it, you will need to print a copy, which you should present at the airport entrance. It’s important to carry a copy of your Dubai Visa with you at all times during your visit to the UAE.

About Visa office

Established in early 2001, our office was founded with the primary objective of expediting the processing of Dubai Visas, offering a swift and convenient solution for individuals planning visits to the United Arab Emirates. Whether it’s for family visits or extended business trips, our services cater to diverse travel needs. By utilizing our office, you streamline the visa application process, eliminating the need to seek local sponsors in the UAE or provide a security deposit to immigration. Obtaining your UAE entry permit becomes a hassle-free experience, with the added advantage of 24/7 assistance at every step. As a leading Dubai Visa service provider offering premium services, we ensure a seamless application journey.

Our Dubai Visa is valid across all seven emirates of the United Arab Emirates – Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, Ras Al Khaimah, and Fujairah. Whether your travel purpose is business or leisure, we deliver superior visa services. Submitting an electronic copy of your passport (with a validity of at least 6 months) and a color passport-size photograph initiates the process. Our dedicated team will meticulously review your application and promptly reach out to you, guiding you through the completion of your visa application.

If you’re traveling from Luxembourg and preparing for a short or extended trip to Dubai or the United Arab Emirates, whether for a social gathering with friends or an adventurous expedition, our Dubai Visa Services are here to help you secure a UAE visa, ensuring you can fully enjoy your journey.

Apply Online for Dubai Visa

Step 1

* Select your visa type
* Complete the application form
* Document Upload

Step 2

* We will review your application (1-4 hours)
* You will receive invoice via E-Mail
* Make a payment for the visa fees

Step 3

* Track your visa status online
* Once approved you will receive email
* Print the visa and have safe and happy travel !